“It’s Fun to Have Fun, But you Have to Know How!”

-Dr. Seuss

“What is a fun thing to do?” “If you could do anything, what would be super cool to do?” “What will families and friends enjoy doing together?-especially something that they don’t usually get to do.”

Frequently Asked Questions?

So, what are the questions we get most often? There are a few. One is “you have escape rooms?”

I know… for a place called “Way of Escape,” you’d think it would be apparent that we have escape rooms.
Fun Things to do?

Fun Things to do?

However, we have a diverse clientele. Some come because friends are coming, and they’ve never done anything like that before. Some come for the ax throwing, enjoy themselves thoroughly, and only come back to chuck sharp objects at the wall. Others are just “along for the ride.” They didn’t read any descriptions, don’t have any idea about difficulty, and just picked a room because it sounded interesting (or had the word “pirates” and “water” in the description).


But yes, we have escape rooms – eight of them in fact.


Now, to understand how we identify and arrange our rooms, we classify those eight rooms a few ways. One is by difficulty. On one end of the spectrum, we have some of our Christmas rooms – they have a bit of challenge to them, but are, on the whole, fairly good for a fun little romp through puzzle-solving-ville. On the other hand, we have rooms like Pirates, or Chernobyl, or the 45-minute Bomb Squad challenge. Rooms that require a crack team to be on top of their game (some more “on top of their game” than others).
We also arrange rooms by what type they are – Adventure or “Classic Puzzle” or something in between. While all our rooms are “immersive” in that we hope you’ll forget the outside world and engross yourself in the world of the game, some are more “look at the wall, there’s a number, undo that lock” type of rooms. Others are “wow, I feel like I’m actually in a house, or actually on a ship, or stuck in a mini storage locker defusing an actual bomb.”
So yah, we have escape rooms – eight in fact. We have Christmas Rooms, Science Rooms, Historically-based rooms, Adventure Rooms, Funny Rooms, Serious Rooms, Relaxing Rooms, Stressful Rooms – almost anything that could strike your fancy. Want to see our rooms?
Come on by – we’ll give you a tour.