New and Improved?

How Often do rooms change?

We have a distinct and amazing group of customers. We thoroughly enjoy seeing the same faces return again and again – sometimes to do the same room more than once – and love hearing the excited question “when’s this room opening” or “how often do you change around your rooms.”They’re asking because they enjoy our rooms and want to experience them all before we swap them out for something new, and it’s a genuine interest – when is it too late to experience what this room has to offer?


Well, that’s a hard question to answer.
Over the last year, we’ve opened or moved four rooms. The Bomb Squad moved from our 319 facility (where it occupied a much larger space than it really needed) and moved to 311, taking up a small storage room, where it became a shorter, more challenging room. In its place came Chernobyl – which took up the former bomb room as well as a spare storage room (you’ll sense a theme if you pay attention). Then we closed down Santa’s List during the summer, a fun little Christmas room we’d had for a while, and finally opened the long-awaited Hiding Place room. Secret passages and rooms that hadn’t been accessible up to that point now revealed themselves, and the old entrance to the room became the new exit as we began to enter through a previous door that had always been there, just not accessible to customers.


Then came Christmas of this year, and we realized we had one final room to build – one that had been built for quite a while, just not fleshed out (and had been turned into a storage room). So, we decided to rip the bandaid off, get rid of the storage (who needs storage, anyway!) and build Reindeer Stables, a quaint little Christmas room where you come in as a vet’s assistant and end up opening the stable, where you get to use a hose to wash away a mess and find out what’s making Rudolf sick.New and Improved Adventures


So how often do we switch our rooms? Well, how many more storage rooms do we have?
Just kidding. Honestly, we iterate, improve, update, repair, and work on our rooms almost constantly. While we always look for opportunities to break out new ideas, improve our methods, and try new things, it’s hard to say when the next room will end up on the chopping block.
We’ve had some rooms like The Cure and Save Christmas 3.0 (“Santa Needs a Solid”) for a while – will they be next? Who knows? You’d better not take that risk, eh? What about Pirates? Well… we’ll probably never get rid of that one. But again… are you willing to take that risk?