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Our game master was really fun and the backstory was very well themed too. A good time was had by all.

Janell Woodbury

Great time , Great Room, Great Staff! This room is a real treasure with very well themed puzzles, AMAZING immersion and a great story line! I definitely want to bring some friends there to share the experience

David Sanchez

Our group of eleven had a blast. Highly recommended.

Michael Russell

Dress comfortably, prepare to reach, crawl, and maybe get a little wet! Prepare to be fully transported into the scenario like a real pirate! Arrrrrr!!!!

Jeni Harding

Me and my friends passed by and decided to play on a whim. It was so fun and well designed! Incredibly immersive and a bit physical, I loved it! Our game master was a super funny guy. RD squad will be there again!

Sandi Cheeks

Absolutely wonderful! We did the pirate room with a group of 7 people. The room is a little dark, but definitely one of the best we’ve done.

Nikki H

I love how when you enter you’re really there. On the dock and the pirate ship! I can’t wait for the new room to open. This place is a blast for old friends, new friends and everyone in between. Heck if you’re planning on stopping by the DMV, gather a couple people waiting with you.

Megan Summers

Really fun! The room is really well put together. i don’t recommend more than 6 people at the same time, it gets a little crowded.

John Pozzi

All in all I give this room 5 stars and I wouldnt hesitate to urge you and your family and friends to give this one a try, you wont regret it.

Derek Javar

Great staff and super immersive game! Loved how hands on it was!! Shout out to Rocky and rocky jr for being awesome!!

Mary Hurson

Easily the most immersive puzzle environment I’ve ever seen. Excellent from start to finish.

Aliya Joy

I loved it, and I cannot wait for them to open their next room! Hurry Rocky! Finish the next rooms quick!!!!

Ashley Edds

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